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An Award-winning Music School

Colorful Universe is an award-winning music school. Its flagship location was founded in 2013 and is based in Cupertino, California. Our students participate in multiple concerts and competitions per year as well as go out into the community and perform. We hope to expand our brand across the bay area and eventually across the world. Since Colorful Universe was founded, we have provided in depth music classes with world-class conductors, seasoned musicians, international performing opera singers, and top music conservatory professors. We are constantly shaping our program to fit each student individually. With our leadership, our students learn solid music fundamentals that will stay with them for life. Through group work and private study they learn the skills to produce creative compositions and expressive, confident performances. 


Our mission is to inspire a love of performing through rigorous education and gentle guidance. Over the years our students have blossomed from young novices to seasoned young professionals ready to tackle the musical world. Our ultimate goal is to create musicians who are confident in themselves and their technique who will thrive and succeed in any goal they undertake in the future. 

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