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Colorful Universe Performing Arts Troupe

Parent Contract


Volunteer Agreement Initial _______

All parents must volunteer backstage for two concerts or events per year. It is impossible to keep our concerts running smoothly without the help of parents backstage. A rotation schedule is being created to ensure that we do not have the same parents volunteering backstage at every concert so they may watch their children perform too.


Tuition Agreement Initial _______

Group lesson tuition must be paid in full one month before the start of each new semester/every 6 months. Summer camp is TBA and will be scheduled every 6-8 weeks from the middle of June to the middle of August. Private lesson tuition fee must be paid one month before the beginning of each quarter (every 3 months). All tuition paid is non-refundable. Quitting or changing classes mid-semester does not qualify for a refund or a credit toward other classes. Tuition must be paid in full, on time. A late payment will result in a $100 late fee. All classes will be suspended until the payment and late fee have been paid.


Rescheduling Policy  Initial _______

Students may reschedule their lesson if needed any time up until 24 hours before their lesson. After 24 hours before, the reschedule will be considered a cancellation and the parent will be responsible for paying the missed lesson fee. Rescheduling will be attempted two times, after the second unsuccessful attempt the reschedule will be considered a cancellation.


Cancellation Policy Initial _______

If the student cancels more than 3 classes per semester their time slot will be forfeit. Cancellation due to illness is understandable but we encourage that you reschedule and not cancel.


Group Class Attendance Policy Initial _______

All students enrolled in group classes may not be absent from class more than 3 times per semester. A notified absence from class may be made up by going to another class of the same level. If a student is going to be absent the director needs to be notified 24 hours in advance. After 24 hours, the absence will be counted as a cancellation not a reschedule.


RCM Agreement Initial _______

All students must prepare for The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program (RCM Test). Participation in the official RCM testing is not required however, participation in the Colorful Universe RCM test is mandatory for all students. Before a student can move on to a higher level they must be tested by CU teachers and achieve a passing grade. A failing grade in CU’s RCM test is not a reason for a student to receive punishment, it is merely an assessment to better help teachers hone in on what that student needs to concentrate more on.

The RCM Levels are as follows:

Junior: Preparatory Level - Level 2

Youth: Level 3 - Level 4

Intermediate: Level 5-6

Senior: Level 7 - Level 8

Senior Advanced: Level 9-10

Illness and Attendance Initial _______

To ensure the continued health of all CU students and teachers, any student or teacher who is running a fever or has had a fever for anywhere within 24 hours may not attend any class. If a student is sick (coughing, sneezing, fever, vomiting, etc.) we strongly advise that the parent follow the rescheduling procedure. Classes can be made up at a later date, we would rather that than spread around a cold or a flu to the entire school. Any child who comes to class and is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed in parenthesis above will be sent home immediately.


Publicity Agreement Initial _______

If a student sings in an event outside of Colorful Universe they must list that they are a member of Colorful Universe Performing Arts Troupe. If the student who is singing is enrolled in Private Voice Lessons the student must list which CU teacher they are currently studying with if it is an option. Failure to represent Colorful Universe will result in a conference and possible dismissal from the studio.


Repertoire Policy Initial _______

All repertoire is to be decided upon and approved by the private teacher/class teacher and the director of the school. All repertoire that is to be performed is to be finalized two months before the event/competition/concert. After two months no changes or additions will be allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Private Lessons and Waiting List Initial _______

There is high demand for private lessons. Students meet once a week with their teacher and all classes are scheduled in advance. Once a student has reserved a day and time - that is their set lesson time every week for the period of one half semester (3 months). If the student gives up that time slot either by canceling more than three PVLs (see cancellation policy) or deciding to discontinue weekly private lessons then that time slot will be given to another student.


Policy For Aspiring Solo Singers Initial _______

Only students who are enrolled in private voice lessons with current CU teachers will be allowed to sing a solo. Students must attend 6 consecutive lessons (6 hours) of private voice lessons before each event/concert/competition to be eligible to sing. Lessons are set as minimum one private lesson per week. All repertoire must be approved by the private teacher. It is up to the discretion of the private teacher if the student should sing in the concert/event/competition even if the 6 lesson clause is met. If the teacher feels the student is not ready to perform the teacher can decide to delay the performance. To make sure that the student has a very successful performance the teacher may ask the student to wait and not sing until the next concert/event. The teacher will provide a detailed reason why the student should wait to perform. This decision should never be viewed by the parent or private student as a punishment, demotion or a judgement of the private student's abilities.



I have read the above agreement and agree to abide by all policies listed.




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