Composition Lesson

Composition Lesson

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Lin Pan


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Composition Class:




Beginner Class: Mr. Chang, Berkelee College of Music and Royal College of Music


Intermediate Class: Mr. Ji, PHD, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Professor.


Through fun digital composition software learning, students will understand the composition of music and the daily sound and life connection; master the use of digital audio software; understand the basic characteristics of sound and primary audio editing; to use software to create songs.


Sample weekly teaching topics


1. Know musical instruments (mainly songs, animation music)


2. The rhythm of music


3. Pitch and strength, Natural sound


4. Garage Band primary operation 


5. Record music inspiration (microphone and keyboard)


6. Mode and color 


6. Add piano accompaniment to your own melody


7. Interesting rhythm pattern 


8. The charming of harmony 


9. Rhythm and mood changes 


10. Garage Band Audio Clip and Give the lyrics a melody


12. Match the melody with bass and tone. Add sound A to the screen.




Beginner: Age 8 and above, has at least 2 years of piano learning experience.


Intermediate: Pass Piano CM Level 10/ RCM Level 8