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Group Singing Class - Intermediate Group (Level 5 - 6)

Group Singing Class - Intermediate Group (Level 5 - 6)

Intermediate Group (Suggested Age 9 to 11 years old)
RCM Levels 5 & 6

The Intermediate Group at Colorful Universe builds on the skills gained in the Junior and Youth Groups. Generally, this group caters to Students who have previous experience studying or performing music are invited to join this group, pending an evaluation. In this group, students will gain a deeper understanding of music theory, sight reading skills and performance practice. They will continue their work in choreography, expressive singing, and healthy vocal production. Students will build on their ability to sing in unison, and two-parts; solidifying their independence as musicians. At this level, students are encouraged to perform solos and become leaders in their performance ensembles. 

Intermediate Group singers benefit from:

  • Professional instructors with expertise in choral music education and vocal performance
  • An engaging curriculum to hone musicianship and musical ability
  • Frequent performance opportunities in both solo and ensemble settings to build confidence and hone performance skills
  • Opportunities for individual feedback within the group class and participant in local and national festivals


2019 Schedule:

Intermediate group (RCM Level 5 & 6) meets Saturdays from 3:30 to 5 pm or Sundays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 

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