Language in Performance Lesson

Language in Performance Lesson

Cost through website: $1112 (Junior Group); $1360 (Youth Group) 

Pay through Zelle to save 3%: $1080 (Junior Group); $1320 ( Youth Group) 



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Lin Pan


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A Training for Musical Performances in 3 different languages. The future goal of this course is to train students be able to master foreign languages and be able to sing different language songs with confidence. When students grow up, they can be bilingual proficiency and take all AP world languages and culture test in high school.  


− Every week we will spent time on learning a new song, a monologue and a poem from one of the following styles:  

•  Italian and Folk Song ;(Youth Group**)


•  German and Opera;  (Junior and Youth Group)


•  French and Art Song;(Junior and Youth Group)


Over the semester we will be covering vocal techniques, acting, diction, dramatic beats, role preparation, monologue presentation, basic stagecraft and much more.  For the language portion, you will be learning differences from British and American English pronunciations. You will also be given a list of essential German and French words and jump start your language comprehension and vocabulary. Also, in every , you will start with different acting and singing vocal warm ups. At the end of the fifteen weeks course, you will have a catalog of different warm ups to take with you as your further vocal studies.