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Level Preparatory Junior Prep Voice Classes (2023-2024)

Level Preparatory Junior Prep Voice Classes (2023-2024)

Preparatory Level: Junior Prep Voice Classes

Junior Prep Group (Suggested Age 4-6 years old) 

RCM Level: Preparatory 

Weekly 50 minutes group lesson  

2023 - 2024 Group Lessons:

Option 1: Tuesdays 5:30-6:20 pm 

Option 2: Tuesdays 6:30-7:20 pm 


Cost through website 

  • $ 924 /One Semester (Aug 19, 2023 through Dec 22, 2023)  

  • $ 1,810 /Two Semesters (plus 2nd semester: Jan 6, 2024 through Jun 8, 2024)


Pay through Zelle 

  • $ 840 /One Semester (Aug 19, 2023 through Dec 22, 2023)

  • $ 1,646 /Two Semesters (plus 2nd semester: Jan 6, 2024 through Jun 8, 2024)

           Zelle Information:


          Lin Pan

          Please include student's name, level, class day in the memo


Voice Classes Introduction: 


Our approach to vocal training emphasizes healthy singing, practical musicianship, outstanding teamwork, and individual poise. A low student to teacher ratio (6-10 students/ class) provides the personalized attention that our students need to progress and succeed. The Colorful Universe curriculum is based on the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) curriculum,,  which offers a comprehensive vocal program that is internationally recognized as rigorous and thorough. The RCM program not only offers vocal training: it requires students to learn technical exercises and repertoire as well as to improve their rhythm, sight singing, ear training, and musicianship; we use RCM vocal music test materials to ensure the progress of each student. Our teachers add their own selections and flair, integrating all repertoire from pop, Disney, musical theater and Broadway. Like all professional singers, the students learn how to safely warm up and use their spoken and singing voices, how to apply their technical vocal skills to repertoire, and how to build their performance stamina as singers and actors. By practicing consistently with carefully chosen and rapidly adapting song repertoire, our students’ abilities grow quickly and are continually challenged. We have three school recitals each year: one in January, one in June and one in August. At the preparatory level, students will be singing as a small ensemble to learn stage manners, stage presentations, facial expressions and songs in different languages ( English, French, Spanish and Italian) . When the students finish the preparatory level and are ready to study in level 1 and above, there will be one on one private vocal training each week. Through those solo opportunities our young performers learn the skills of self-reliance and personal responsibility; through ensemble experiences, they learn the value of genuine collaboration and the deep bonds of friendship it can create. Regular participation in international exchange activities develops an awareness of the larger world and a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures.


Please contact us to make an appointment for a free trial lesson. We welcome new music students as well as experienced young singers!

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