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Musical Theatre Acting & Dance Workshop

Musical Theatre Acting & Dance Workshop

5-week INTENSIVE Musical Theatre Acting and Dance Workshop taught by Mr. Vinh @Colorful Universe Performing Arts School online classes program. All classes will be taught online through Zoom.  

Have you ever dreamed of taking the spotlight and performing your heart out like a Broadway star? Or wonder what it takes for a skilled theatre designer to put together a show backstage?  

Come join us in this 5-week workshop for a comprehensive introduction course to the razzle dazzle world of Musical Theatre. Young performers will be guided through a fabulous journey of putting together an ensemble-based musical theatre showcase. Students will learn the basics of acting through fun theatre games and exercises. They will get a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into sparkling design elements such as costume, set, lighting design, and more. And for the big finish, they will be taught basic dance techniques and flashy choreography, in preparation for our big finale performance on the last day of the session! 

5 weeks: March 30 to April 29, 2020  

Class: Monday 3-5 pm, Wednesday 2-4 pm  


Monday: 3-3:55 pm Monologue & acting;  5 minutes break;4-4:55 pm Musical Theatre Dance Technique & Choreography 4:55-5:00 pm review and homework.  


2-2:55 pm Monologue & acting;  5 minutes break;3-3:55 pm Musical Theatre Dance Technique & Choreography 3:55-4pm review and homework.  


Mr.Vinh, Actor - Director - Choreographer  

M.F.A in Musical Theatre

Graduate Instructor, San Diego State University, 2016-2018  



This is an audition only workshop. You need to send your singing, acting, dance or performance video to to get an approval before you can sign up for the classes.  
Students age limit: 7-12 years old. 

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