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Maestro Stars Summer Camp at Stanford

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Our Instructors.

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Ages: 8-16 

Skills Level: Med- Adv

Program: | 2 weeks


Summer Camp Program/Instruction

Welcome to our Summer Arts and Science Camp! Hosted by expert Stanford University faculty/professors and seasoned world class artists, our camp offers an immersive experience in digital art, applied technology, musical production, and onstage performance. Designed for enthusiastic learners, the program includes comprehensive instruction, daily meals, and exciting weekend field trips that complement our curriculum. Join us for a summer of exploration, creativity, and innovation in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Your Tuition Includes

  • Daily meals provided to students

  • Access to specialized computer labs for digital art and technology

  • Use of music studios and recording equipment for musical production

  • Theater spaces for onstage rehearsals and performances

  • Weekend excursions to cultural institutions,

  • tech companies, or professional theaters

  • ( Please note that ticket fees for special events and performances are separate from the tuition and may vary. )

  • Administrative and Support Services:

  • Staff to assist with the organization and running of the camp

  • Health and safety provisions, including first aid services

  • Selected students may receive a recommendation letter

  • from Stanford University Professors/Faculty.

Additional Leadership Opportunities

Optional choices:
For research opportunities supervised by faculty/professors focusing on project leadership, students in 9th grade and above can submit a 5-minute video introduction containing all the required necessary information to when you register. There will be an additional application fee of $200 for that, and it is non-refundable. The quota are limited and will be allocated on a filtering process, and first-come, first-served basis. 

1. Greeting and Introduction

  • Start with a friendly greeting and briefly introduce yourself.

2. Background in Digital Art

  • Highlight your experiences with digital art tools and techniques.

  • Mention any notable projects or accomplishments in this area.

3. Experience with Applied Technology

  • Discuss your practical skills in technology, especially those that are hands-on or innovative.

  • Share examples of how you've applied these technologies in real-world settings or projects.

4. Musical Production Skills

  • Talk about your involvement in music, whether in production, mixing, or sound design.

  • Include any performances or productions you have contributed to.

5. Onstage Performance

  • Reflect on your experiences with onstage performance, including acting, directing, or live presentations.

  • Mention any specific roles or productions that were particularly influential.

6.Connection to the Camp’s Themes

  • Connect your personal experiences and skills to the camp’s focus areas.

  • Explain why you are excited about the opportunity to participate in a camp taught by Stanford professors and how it aligns with your interests and future goals.

7. Closing

  • Summarize your key points briefly.

  • Express enthusiasm about the possibility of joining the camp and contributing to its community.

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